Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jace playing T-Ball!!

It has been so much fun watching Jace play T-Ball. He hits the ball and you tell him to run to first base and he ends up running in circles from first to second. It is so cute!! He loves it, if I would let him he would wear his uniform all day long everyday!!! It has also been fun to see Devin be the coach too. Jace has loved having his Dad there!!

Kaileys Dance Recital!!!

Amber (Kaileys best friend), Kailey

Emma, Amber, Hannah and Kailey
They look so cute!!

Kailey and Grandma McClellan

Kailey and Grandma Mucca

What a Cutie!!

I am so sad, this will be Kailey's last dance recital. She informed me that she is done dancing for now and just wants to play soccer! It was really nice to have Grandma Mucca and Grandma and Papa McClellan to come to the recital. It was also cute to see her dance with all her friends!! She did a great job! I am so proud of her!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jace 3rd Birthday Party!! He was so excited for his birthday party it is all he could talk about for weeks.

Jace wanted a football party, so I made him a football cake, we had pizza, and we played a few football games!! The party was lots of fun and it was so neat to see how excited Jace was to have all of his friends and cousins there.

Jace getting ready to make a touchdown!

Jace sure is enjoying his pizza!
Look at all his cute friends and cousins that came to his party!! Jace, Tyson, Jackson, Cole and Austin. Grandma and Papa Mucca and Grandma and Papa McClellan also came to the party!!

Jace 3rd Birthday!!! When jace woke up, we had the living room full of balloons and presents! He was so excited!

He loves the new bike that we got him!! He was so cute he kept saying thank you for all my presents!!

What a cool remote control truck that Grandpa and Grandma Butterfield got you!! You sure are lovin it!